Friday, August 3, 2012

How to Get What You Want! By Giving!

How to Get What You Want! By Giving!
This is still an incomplete thought, the edge of an idea if you will. All along my journey has been this rather oblique statement that to get you have to give. I have never really understood it!
And then I tried to use the power of intention to sell my house. 5 months in and …nothing! I was feeling worne down (which is not the right feeling to allow the universe to fulfil your dreams, it meant I was focusing more on NOT having sold my house then getting the damn thing sold). So I took some time to rethink my intention, trying to find a wording that would get me what I want, but that felt right. All of a sudden I realised I did not want to ‘sell’ my house, I wanted to find someone to ‘give’ my house to (for a stated amount of money of course). Just that shift in thinking from me getting money for my house, to me giving my beloved house to someone else seemed to shift everything and literally within 2 weeks the new owner walked in.
Had I used the power of giving to get what I wanted ? That experience sat with me, niggling as they sometimes do. So I started to think about other areas of my life where I want to receive ‘stuff’ (oh ok, yes money, money, money…who doesn’t need some more to do those extra things with). What if I stopped focusing on what I was going to get and instead focused on what I was giving in the exchange ? Could I create a writing career by changing my focus on what I was giving to my readers rather than focusing on the all too obvious book sales ? Suddenly one of my biggest goals, getting out of the corporate world and into the ‘real’ world where I can be a guide, showing people how to step into their power, came into focus.
So this is my challenge to you, how can you turn around what you want into an exchange where you still get that house or car or job, but where the way you ask is focused on what you are giving ? Try it and see how different it feels when you are no longer just focusing on what you are taking. Trust that the universe has your back and that in your giving you will get everything you need and want.

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